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John Carter of Mars gets WALL-E writer

JohnCarterofMars.jpgThat's a strange mix straight off the bat, but rumour is that Andrew Stanton is writing a script for the long struggling film version of John Carter of Mars. Now that's not such a strange out of the blue notion as you might think as back in October of last year we heard that Andrew Stanton, Mark Andrews, and Jim Morris from Pixar had headed off to the Edgar Rice Burroughs archives to research the stories.

At the time the rumour said that these three were the new team who were going to be behind the film, and with Stanton saying out loud that he's writing the script, it would appear that this is a pretty safe bet. Pixar are doing John Carter of Mars and Andrew Stanton, the writer and director for WALL-E is set to write and perhaps even direct.

WALL-E is already looking like it's going to be a big hit, but can Andrew Stanton successfully bring to life John Carter of Mars after writing Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and WALL-E? After all that John Carter isn't half as cute and cuddly is he?

No, that's right Richard (I'm answering my own questions now!), he's not. However these films do show how well the Pixar team and people like Stanton can create such fantasticly wonderful characters that capture the heart and attention of the audience, not to mention the excellent dialogue and the superb dramatic tension. These films aren't all cute and cuddly with great CGI, if you hadn't noticed they have some excellently written scripts. So without a doubt we know that the script is going to be good, the question is will the film get made?

Now that's where the backing of Pixar comes in, and I think if they've definitely picked up the project then we're going to see it get made, it just could take a while. This also makes you wonder if it's all going to be CGI or not. So many questions and no answers.

The comment from Stanton through The Pixar Blog and Rope of Silicon is simply that he's writing John Carter of Mars, nothing more. However coupled with the previous story that he was attending the Edgar Rice Burroughs archives last year for research on the project, and I think we have ourselves a serious amount of movement on the film.



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