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Jon Favreau offered Iron Man 2

JonFavreau.jpgJon Favreau recently spoke about his concerns over the release date for Iron Man 2. And then we heard that he and Marvel were disagreeing over money, mainly the fact he wanted a bit of a pay rise.

Well now it seems he has been offered Iron Man 2, and with a slight pay hike.

Screen Rant say that Marvel Studios have made an offer to Jon Favreau for Iron Man 2. And it's a higher salary than he had for the first. Seems fair to me, he made the studio a packet. Comicbookmovie however, say they have details of the amount Favreau was originally offered for Iron Man 2. Apparently he was offered less than $5 million, after doing the first for around $4 million.

I know what you're probably thinking, the same as me. I'll take $5 million any day of the week. But compared to some directors I suppose it would be on the low side. But it would seem Iron Man is one of the most successful comic book adaptations yet, and rushing Iron Man 2 along, would suggest that Marvel are using it to give more kudos to The Avengers film, and the many crossovers they seem to be planning. Give the man what he's worth already.

Marvel seems to have a pretty good plan for individual superhero films and crossovers leading up to The Avengers, surely the last thing they should do is mess it up by getting greedy? Let's hope both Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr are on board the sequel soon.



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