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Josh Brolin to Escape From New York?

JoshBrolin.jpgThe Escape to New York remake has been kicking around for over a year now. But the latest rumour to hit the internet is that Josh Brolin could be the man to play Snake Plissken.

For anyone unaware Kurt Russell played Snake in the great original. But as usual these days, it can't be left like that.

In Escape From New York, the city is a maximum security prison in the future. When a terrorist brings down the President's plane in New York City, ex-soldier turned prisoner Snake Plissken is charged with getting him out alive in exchange for his freedom.

The remake has seen Gerard Butler linked with the role of Snake, but that was then shot down. Brett Ratner and Len Wiseman have both been linked with directing as well. Since Butler walked away though no other casting rumours have been heard, until today. Spielberg News through /film say:

It is our scoop of the week. A source close to the production (if so) has assured us that it is now Josh Brolin to be in the running to take over the role of Snake Plissken in the remake currently in draft New York 1997.”

This is a rumour only at this stage, but what do you think? Don't know about you, but personally I'd rather they didn't remake it at all. But as far as likeness to Kurt Russell goes, it could be worse. Would you want to see Josh Brolin as Snake in a remake of Escape to New York? Would you rather Russell came back for another? Or should they just leave the original alone?



What a rumour. It would be a cool fit but I really can't see the man who is about to play George Bush stepping down to a remake of Escape From New York.

...of course he could have been offered a lot of money!

If they have to remake it I'd like to see Russell come back and them do an all out modern remake, minus campness, with a big budget and a big name behind the camera. Otherwise, leave it.

I am all for Russell coming back too then I'd be interested to see it!

Russell coming back would be cool, it's not like there isn't a trend for it these days either.

My point exactly, might as well join them than beat them!


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