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Jumper sequel still being discussed

HaydenChristensen.jpgThe sequel to Jumper has already been announced, but it's been a bit quiet on the development front. Hayden Christensen says that discussions are still ongoing as to what the sequel will being.

At the end of the first one, a sequel looked a certainty. But there doesn't seem to be a firm plan yet. But hey as long as they're talking, hopefully we're not too far away from some news. Hayden Christensen seems up for an other one though.

Hayden Christensen was talking to The Winnipeg Sun through Moviehole about the sequel to Jumper:

We're talking about it. I know that they're having those conversations, I hear about them. It was set up to become that -- a trilogy -- if it did well, And I think they're happy with how it did so they want to make another one. But I don't think they're rushing to get into production.

A little while ago Doug Liman was talking about potential plans for Jumper 2, including Jumpers being able to jump to other planets. And even Rachel Bilson's character could find herself learning how to jump. There I was thinking you had to be born with it...

Having seen the first and found it fairly entertaining, and definitely visually impressive, a sequel could be quite good. But as with most sequels it has a tricky ground to tread, giving us what made the first so good while also giving us something new. Anyone read the second book in the series, does it have any other pointers to what we might expect? Do you have any ideas what you would or wouldn't want in a sequel? Should the fact that mother and son are enemies make up a large part of the sequel?



When I watched the extras on the Jumper DVD Liman said that they had scoped out enough for three, and the pre-vis work on a huge Jumper battle in the middle of the FBI building was superb. There they even did a leap onto the moon.

However since then the chat has gone pretty cold, and the idea that they can jump to other planets is a bit off since I thought the mythology said that they could only jump to somewhere they've already been.

Then the idea that his girlfriend was going to learn how to jump because everyone could? Well that seemed to dilute the idea, but if you watch the film that final jump suggests that it was her that did it.

I don't know, what I'm basically saying is that it seems all over the place right now with ideas and direction. Maybe it's going to take a lot longer, if ever, to see the sequel.


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