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Kingsley says Hollywood exploits young actors

BenKingsley.jpgBen Kingsley has been speaking out about the Hollywood practice of pulling young people into acting who aren't really cut out for the life and then tossing them aside when they fail.

Frankly he has a good point, Hollywood does do that, although to be fair they don't toss them aside that quickly and rather milk their persona dry before they throw them away.

Speaking out about the habit that Hollywood has of picking up these stars in the public fore, Ben Kingsley said through STV:

"It's unfair to exploit a young person who may look good on a magazine cover and tell them they can be in movies, then make it happen for them when they can't do it.

You're lifting their expectations so high and then pulling the rug when the audience gives them a collective thumbs down.

We throw people away too easily, but we should never invite them in the first place."

I have to agree, Ben Kingsley is spot on with his comments. Right now Hollywood looks to the latest star hitting the papers and magazines, the latest in thing, and then throws them into a film to bleed their image dry until the public have had enough. Then out the other end comes a mangled person, a mere shadow of what they were both publicly and personally.

It's something we've seen time and time again with stars, but will there be any stopping it? Do we even want it to stop considering the stories in the media that they generate? Would we really have less of these stars?



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