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Lohan gets another chance

LindseyLohan.jpgHow many last chances does someone get in life? If you're not famous then I would say not many, but if you're famous, well Lindsay Lohan can attest to just how many you get as we see her return once again to a comedy film called Labor Pains (Labour Pains).

The film had been placed on hold when Capital Films was struggling but not Nu Image/Millenium films have come to the rescue and ensured that we can all see this romantic comedy and see a return of Lohan to the big screen...again...and whether we like it or not.

Labor Pains (Labour Pains) sees Lindsay Lohan playing the assistant of a nasty boss who is wanting to fire her and so she pretends to be pregnant to try and keep her job.

Well that'll work for a bit won't it then you'll be off on maternity...of course you'll still not get sacked and when you come back it'll be even harder because your employer would look like they're discriminating. Actually, you know that might work. I'll get onto the wife right now!

One of the producers of the film Rick Schwartz said through Variety that he was still keen for Lohan to play the role:

"I didn't know Lindsay before this, but we looked each other in the eye three months ago, and she has done everything I could have asked"

What? Continued to lead a wild life that seemingly is affecting her work? Well you all know that I don't take heed of gossip, I don't care what stars do in their private lives and I think it should remain private, except when it affects their public life and onscreen work, and that's exactly what it's doing.

Frankly I'm amazed that she's getting another chance with another film. Good luck to her I say, but you have to wonder just how many chances she's got left.



the older she gets, the cuter she aint

for the record, i'd have gone to jail to be with the 17 year old lohan. wouldn't even let the legal aged one near me to beat her with a stick.

I smell another razzie...


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