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Madonna says no to acting

Madonna.jpgMadonna seems to have put an end to to her acting career for good. She's mentioned before that she didn't see a future in acting, and recently she ventured into documentary making. Plus she has also directed her first film, and it probably won't be her last.

Being a big Madonna fan, I hate to admit it would be a relief. Apart from the odd role, her acting hasn't ever blown me away. And it looks like we may see more of her directing.

Madonna made her directorial debut with Filth and Wisdom at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year. The film revolves around a Ukrainian immigrant who dreams of rock stardom, to fund his dream he moonlights as a cross-dressing dominatrix. He also has two flat mates each pursuing their own dream.

The film had mixed reviews, but not all negative that's for sure. She also recently produced a documentary on a subject close to her heart. I Am Because We Are looks at the problem of the millions of orphans in Malawi, who have lost parents or other family members to HIV and AIDS. She and Guy Ritchie famously adpoted a young boy from there in 2006.

As much as I love Madonna I think her acting career has been over for a while now. Some people just aren't cut out for it. Nothing to say she couldn't make a decent director though. When she was asked on starpulse about returning to acting she had this to say:

Absolutely not, because now I've tasted directing. It's like Eve and the apple, I have to have a second bite. If you're an actress, it's not your vision. The director tells the story, you are the chess piece that is moved around. That doesn't suit my personality.

So what she's saying is she'd rather boss people around than be told what to do. I'm with her on that one. Well lets hope she can pull the directing thing off. Let's face it she won't give up until she's given it a good go. Do you reckon she should give it a go? Or should she stick to the singing? Or my least favourite option, give up all of it!



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