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Mark Millar on Wanted sequel

Wanted.jpgWith Wanted near release date we had already heard about a potential sequel being planned. I was wondering at the time what Mark Millar would think about it. Now the man who wrote the comic has confirmed the news.

They're obviously confident of success when it's released. And Mark Millar has conirmed where they will get the plot from.

It was Terence Stamp who first mentioned a Wanted sequel, he plays Pekwarsky in the soon to be released film. He said although he wasn't a huge part of the first, he would be a bigger part of the sequel. Mark Millar has confirmed the plans for a sequel on his message board, through Coming Soon, and what he's been asked to do:

Wanted 2 already being planned and they've asked me how I can develop some of the other stuff from the book into the sequel. We'll see what box office is like at the weekend, but everyone knows this is going to make a LOT of dough.

As I say, obviously confident. But if Wanted does as well as they expect then we will definitely see a sequel. Guess we'll need to see the first one before we know what he can expand on for another film.



Hey Rich - good news on Wanted ... I LOVED the first one, even though it's not at all the graphic novel it is still Fight Club's slightly retarded brither with bigger guns and more action!

Let me know your thoughts on it!!

Cool, that sounds good. I saw your review and had a quick read on the feed. I'm excited to see it although I think I missed my early preview tonight...have to wait until the weekend now when EIFF is all finished.

I wasn't as impressed as brother Matt. It was visually exceptional without a doubt, but too much of it felt familiar, in that respect it reminded me a little of the bitter sensation I felt with Doomsday. It's no way as 'bad' as Doomsday was, but I don't like that 'familiarity' flavour at all. It grated on me as I watched it.

The new breed of film-watchers that haven't seen the below films will think it's the best thing since sliced cheese. (That's right I said cheeese!!) .. Fight Club, American Psycho, Shoot 'em Up, Equilibrium, I suppose 'The Matrix' will always get a nod for bulet time too.


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