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Midnight Meat Train derailed?

CliveBarker.jpgClive Barker's Midnight Meat Train seems to have been around for ages, with not much happening on it. The last news was that it was potentially only to receive a DVD release, but with no details why.

Now we're hearing that it could well receive a theatrical release but only a small one, and then it could be straight to DVD. The reason for it, politics...

The Midnight Meat Train stars Bradley Cooper , Vinnie Jones, Brooke Shields and Leslie Bibb. Ryuhei Kitamura directed with Clive Barker on writing duties, incase you've forgotten the plot you can read it here. Basically though, it's about a New York photographer and his involvement with a serial killer. It all sounds good to me, might actually be a decent horror film. You can also see the trailer here.

HorrorMovies.ca say they have inside information on what's happening with the film. They say that the plan at Lionsgate is to "dump" the film in the minimum amount of cinemas that they have to. After that the film will go straight to DVD, and the reason for all this is the new boss at Lionsgate doesn't like the old boss. In an e-mail the mystery source says:

The new head honcho doesn't like the old head honcho and is deliberately "dumping" all of his films out of spite and malice. But there is HOPE! The only thing that overrides backstabbing politics in Hollywood is PURE GREED. It is clearly not healthy for investor relations to "dump" a movie that has a vocal and dedicated audience. Midnight Meat Train represents the kind of horror film that audiences have been dying for!!!

I think that's a public rallying call for people to help get it a proper release. How is the new boss helping himself by dumping one of his studio's films into oblivion? Who knows the real reason for it's lack of movement. It could be that it's just not that good, or it could be politics and plain old bad blood. Who knows, I was looking forward to it though. I like a good horror film, come one chaps, sort it out.



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