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Moderating comments

Hi everyone. Quick apology to all those using Gmail email addresses in the comments, I've had to temporarily moderate all of these. So if you post a comment and enter a Gmail email address it will be held until I publish it.

The problem is that there's a rather annoying and malicious spammer out there hitting the site and the comments and links are so random that there's no other way I've found to stop them for the moment.

What's really weird is that there's often not even a link in there to some advertising site, it really is about trying to flood the site with rubbish.

So fear not, your comment will be seen and published. It might just take a little longer while I'm at the EIFF.



Ahhh I had been wondering what was going on with all those weird comments. Must be very frustrating.

Frustrating is not the word. Wasting time, resources and money is more like it!

Yeah, it's really annoying, moreso that it makes a mess of the site.

They seem to be more tenacious lately with the comment spamming. I'm seeing some really bad stuff on one of my sites even though I have full comment moderation turned on (i.e. nobody sees their messages but me). Frustrating...

Well the spam system with MT is really good and manages to block a lot off, if you get it right.

The downtime today though was nothing to do with spam. Although I hope it causes some of the automatic systems to drop Filmstalker from their lists!


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