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Mummy 3 new trailer

TheMummy3.jpgA new trailer for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor has been posted on Rob Cohen's blog. Brendan Fraser and John Hannah are back for more, this time up against Jet Li as The Dragon Emperor in question.

The trailer doesn't look drastically different to the previous films, apart from Maria Bello popping up instead of Rachel Weisz anyway.

The trailer for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor is over on Rob Cohen's blog, including HD versions, through Cinema Blend. The third in the series has Luke Ford playing Brendan Fraser's son. And Rachel Weisz morphing into Maria Bello, not literally though. Might have livened up the CGI in the trailer a bit though. Michelle Yeoh is on hand to help try and take care of The Dragon Emperor. Yeoh and Jet Li were probably my favourite things about the trailer.

The trailer didn't do it for me, but I only really enjoyed the first in the series. Is it getting a bit old now? Take a look, see what you think and report back.



The second was a bit ridiculous and bordered on the annoying kid problem so many films (cough...George Lucas...cough) seem to have. This one looks much, much better than the second and could potentially give the first a run for its money. Just my $0.02...

Totally agree, the kid was pretty annoying in the second. The martial arts stuff with Jet Li looks like a good addition as well. I might watch the third and pretend the second didn't happen...

I loved the Mummy films, I am sure I am also going to like this one, the trailer looks really awesome!


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