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My Fair Lady remake with Knightley

KeiraKnightley.jpgKeira Knightley is set to play Eliza Doolittle in a remake of My Fair Lady, the musical that originally starred the iconic Audrey Hepburn, herself taking over the role on film from Julie Andrews who had taken the stage role.

You can see why this project is going ahead with Knightley, and indeed it might be fair to think that the idea of Knightley taking the role came before the idea of the remake, however the issue isn't about the remake as such, but about what form the remake will take.

The musical film My Fair Lady was made in 1964 starring Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison, Harrison himself played opposite Julie Andrews on the stage show, and it remains a much watched classic today while the musical itself still enjoys a stage run.

Straight away there's the obvious comparison - Keira Knightley looks and can act very much as Audrey Hepburn did, and I'm sure that one of the first sentances in the conversation about a remake was "Hey, doesn't Keira Knightley look a lot like Audrey Hepburn? We could get her to do a remake of My Fair Lady!"...and so the idea was born.

Still, it is probably a good idea. The question is how the remake is going to go. So far we know from Variety that they are going to keep the original setting of 1912 - this is not only in respect to the original film, but it seems that they want to capture the feel of the play Pygmalion from George Bernard Shaw, which itself was the original inspiration for the musical.

So not only does Knightley fit the part of Hepburn so well, but she's been doing all these period costume drama type things of late...the formula is adding up.

The question remains though, is this going to be a musical? The story does say that the film will use the musical score, but does that mean it'll be a background score for the film, or will it be a true musical? Keira Knightley singing? Columbia co-President Doug Belgrad thinks so:

"This update will preserve the magic of the musical while fleshing out the characters and bringing 1912 London to life in an authentic and exciting way"

I guess the real question is can a 1912 costume musical work today? It is fair to say that the costume dramas haven't been working of late, and Knightley's career is pretty much running along that line. I'm thinking that they're going to have to do something pretty special to make this one work.



Didn't know Knightley can sing either. Pygmalion is currently playing at The Old Vic which I saw a week ago, and Michelle Dockery who is playing Eliza Doolittle can more than give Knightley a run for her money.

Yeah, I was alluding to the fact that they might just have selected Keira for her resemblance to Hepburn and her current Hollywood status...however she could be a great singer, who knows.

I really don't see the resemblance! I am not a big fan of Keira really, I still haven't seen a film of hers that made me go WOAH! And I am really getting tired of seeing her in mostly period films.

This may sound harsh, but I'm tired of seeing her full stop. I'm not her biggest fan...

Not being a huge musical fan I'm not a die hard fan of the original, but I suppose they are remaking anything these days. Sorry, I meant "updating". But if they are going to update it, then surely they'd be better going for someone not resembling the person who starred in the first one.

Apparently Audrey Hepburn didn't sing in the film, the singing bit was dubbed by Marni Nixon. Looks like this project is more likely to happen then. Ugh!

Yeah I heard that too Simone, perhaps they're going to to do the same thing for Knightley?

I heard she had voice lessons for Edge of Love so maybe she can carry a tune.

Yeah but can she carry the role too?

I am sure she can wing it, like she did in her other films. But then I am not really interested, I'd rather watch Hepburn's version.

I'm with you there.

I dont mind seeing Knightley doing something different and then of course she has to convince me of her acting range as well.

While looking at the source of another article I came across one about Keira Knightly. Apparently she's going to have "extensive voice training" next year, so it will be her singing in the film. And she did her own vocal work in Edge of Love.

Seems she's never had any voice coaching, or acting lessons. No comment.

Ha, love that last line...what are you saying? She's all teeth, smiles and cigs?

Would I suggest such a thing? Yes I would...

I can sense that at least betwen us 3 (yes that's you included Richard!) that there is a real lack of APPRECIATION for the likes of Miss Knightley. We need more trained actors please, I was just going to say when people said that Natalie Portman's performance was wooden in The Phantom Menace, are they sure it wasn't Keira Knightley they were referring to as she did play the decoy Queen, right?


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