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Hirschbiegel's Northern Ireland film

LiamNeeson.jpgI do believe that the recent history of Northern Ireland has been overlooked in cinema, and so the news that Oliver Hirschbiegel is directing a film written by Guy Hibbert on the aftermath of the "troubles" is welcome news.

What is also exciting is that two Irish stars who have appeared in films about Northern Ireland before, are set to star, Liam Neeson and James Nesbitt. The only sad thing about this production is that it seems set for television.

Liam Neeson previously starred in Michael Collins, and James Nesbitt in Bloody Sunday, both strong films about moments in Northern Ireland's recent history. The writer Guy Hibbert also wrote the well received Omagh, and Oliver Hirschbiegel made Das Experiment and Downfall (Der Untergang).

You can already see that the news that this is the line up for the project is superb, there's some great talent there and not to mention the connection with Northern Ireland films to date, apart from the director of course.

There's not so much on the plot line from Yahoo News on the Five Minutes of Heaven film, as much as we get is that the film will focus on two characters, played by Nesbitt and Neeson, who's lives were devastated by the violent conflict in Northern Ireland from the 1960's, and it may look at how they are coming to terms with the aftermath as the peace process moves on and the Republican and Loyalist groups try to leave the violent past behind them as the British Army leave.

It does sound interesting, and it does sound like this is going to concentrate more on the outbreak of peace and we might see an interesting take on the characters involved. Perhaps one will have been struck by family tragedy from the conflict, and the other might be involved in the fighting, and the two come together? Perhaps even they are from opposite sides of the fight?

Who knows at this early stage, but with that line up I think we're looking at something very interesting - and maybe we'll see it released further than just television.



Have you found out anymore about this Film???


Not a thing I'm afraid Bernie, I'm keeping my eyes open though as I'm personally interested in this one too.

Hi Richard

I have heard some things as this as it is personal to me, but I'm not that close to my family so I only found out about this film through the internet.

It is about my family and that the two stars involed will play My brother you saw my other brother shot dead and the guy who committed the murder. I'm not sure where the story goes from there.

The only way I'm going to find out in to watch it I don't know anything about when its going to showen or anything like that



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