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New Friday the 13th is a reboot

Friday13th_Poster.jpgThe producers of the new Friday the 13th film have been talking about what they are doing with the series. Not so long ago we were a bit confused which camp it belonged to. But they say it's not a sequel, or a remake but a reboot of sorts.

Going by what they say, it does sound like they have at least put some thought into the history of the series. A Friday the 13th film is never going to be life changing cinema, but it looks like it's not a slapdash remake or sequel.

The producers of the new Friday 13th were talking to the press during a set visit and explained that they are taking all the previous films into account. Quoted on SciFiWire Andrew Form talked about how this film is a different task to his previous Texas Chainsaw remake:

This one's hard, because on Chainsaw, it kind of was a reboot of the original, and on this one, ... everyone in this room knows that [Jason] didn't put the hockey mask on until the third movie. I would say most of the audience that will come see this movie doesn't know that. ... Most people think that Jason Voorhees was in the first one. ... The younger audience, they think he's in the first one, they think he's wearing a hockey mask, and that's kind of how this franchise started. They don't realize that Pamela [Voorhees, Jason's mother,] was basically the whole first one, [and] he didn't show up until the very end of the movie."

I can say that I do remember Jason appearing right at the end. But obviously he thinks there are some people who are confused. He also says that they are taking parts of all three films to make a brand new film for the series.

He came in late for that one shot,And then the second one, of course, he wore the sack. And the third one, finally, you have that great moment when he comes out in the hockey mask. And I think, like you said, we tried to take elements from all three of those movies to create one reboot of Friday the 13th. And I think we take the elements where you will see Jason put the hockey mask on for the first time, how and why. And you'll see him actually do it, not just come out with it on.

His producer friend Brad Fuller then goes and confuses matters, by saying it's not about how he put the mask on and why. But at least they agree that they are not going for an origin film.

It's not presented as an origin story in the least. That's not our goal here, to show how he put the mask on. The goal is to put a group of kids in Crystal Lake, bring him back to Crystal Lake, and have them meet Jason Voorhees, and along the way you kind of get a sense of the history, but that's not what the story is.

That's as clear as mud. From what I can gather, we're in for a new take on the Friday the 13th films, with some back story in there and some explanation as to how everything went down. But let's face it, we really want to see Jason Voorhees stalking around Crystal Lake slashing teens who are up to no good. At least they are making some effort to use the mythology around the series though. Sounding good to you?



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