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New Robin Hood rumour

RussellCrowe.jpgYesterday it was Christian Bale who was rumoured to be Ridley Scott's preferred choice for Robin Hood. Now a new rumour is out about who Russell Crowe wants to star opposite him in Nottingham.

I would have thought that Ridley Scott would have the final choice, but maybe he's more into collaboration than we thought.

Latino Review say they have an insider, who thinks that it is Sam Riley that Russell Crowe wants for the role of Robin Hood:

Russell Crowe wants Sam Riley who played Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis in Control to play opposite him as Robin Hood. It's not official yet but they will most likely get Sam Riley for the role because Crowe loved his performance in Control

I haven't seen his performance in Control, but I have heard loads of good things about it. Not that I want to get into a discussion about the lack of representation of American actors in historical films, but I'd probably prefer a British actor. Well he was British after all, I'm not sure I'd really want a Robin Hood with an American accent.



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