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New Taken trailer

LiamNeeson.jpgTaken stars Liam Neeson as an ex spy, who has to use his skills to save his daughter from being sold into the slave trade. A new trailer is online, and features some new footage.

I wouldn't have thought that Liam Neeson as a lethal ex spy would work. Looks like it does though.

The new trailer for Taken is below from IGN. Liam Neeson is the ex spy who is estranged from his wife and daughter. He reluctantly lets her go on a trip to Paris with her friend. When they are both taken by people who intend to sell them as slaves, Neeson sets out to save his daughter before it's too late. It also stars Maggie Grace as his daughter and Famke Janssen as his wife. It's already been released in some countries, seems they're going for a staggered release throughout the year. It hits the US and UK in September.

The trailer looks really good, and a nice change for Neeson. Do you think he looks believable as an action hero?



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