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Oldman's Christmas Carol roles

GaryOldman.jpgRobert Zemeckis is making A Christmas Carol using his performance capture animation. We knew that Jim Carrey and Bob Hoskins were starring in it , and that Gary Oldman was joining them. Now we know which multiple roles he'll be playing.

I'm not sure why Zemeckis has turned to performance capture animation so much. It's the second film in a row he's made with it. He must love it.

Late 2007 we heard that Gary Oldman was joining Robert Zemeckis' A Christmas Carol. Jim Carrey is Scrooge, and the ghosts of of Christmas past, present and future. And now we know what three roles Oldman will play.

I play [the ghost of] Marley, Bob Cratchit, and Tiny Tim. I saw the designs, and the realizations of London and the characters. The design of it, and the look of it, is beautiful. It’s quite stunning. It should be quite magical.

He was talking to /film, and also talked about what it's like to make a film with performance capture.

It’s kind of like shooting a regular movie I think. Alot of people say ‘working in that motion capture with Bob Zemeckis, it’s like theater, isn’t it?’ And often the people who have never done theater say that. I don’t think it’s like theater, but I feel it’s like doing a regular movie, but without the breaks and the costumes. You just keep going, and there is no lighting, so you don’t have to wait for two hours while they turn the set around. You actually keep filming.

I quite enjoyed The Polar Express, the performance capture animation looked great in that. The story really lended itself to it though, could A Christmas Carol suit it just as well?



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