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Original [REC] sequel

Rec2.jpgOkay this might get a little confusing. The original [REC] is the Spanish original horror and before it was even finished Hollywood had picked it up to do a scene by scene remake called Quarantine - which from all accounts doesn't work half as well as the original.

Well the makers of the original Spanish [REC] have apparently decided that they're going to make a sequel, called [REC] 2, and it already has a poster.

Aullidos have what could be the [REC] 2 poster, I say could be because I haven't actually heard anything else about this film other than seeing this poster, and there's nothing more than the listing with a note of the original writers/directors names, Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza.

[REC] turned out to be a very strong horror film, and as AICN, who carry the Aullidos story, say it worked far better than George Romero's Diary of the Dead (Filmstalker review) which attempted to do similar things.

Quarantine, which I haven't seen, is apparently a complete remake scene for scene, although a very good one at that it's still a scene by scene remake of [REC], so perhaps this is a chance for the original makers to stay ahead of Hollywood who undoubtedly are considering a sequel to their identical version - and if they weren't, they will be now.




That's a bit funny, if only because I expect this sequel will be better than the NA remake. Aside from that, I do like the poster!


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