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Playstation video network in summer

PlayStation3.jpgSony have revealed that the Playstation 3 video network is to go live this summer, and to follow that they are to start distributing films direct to Sony devices across the Internet before they hit DVD, and the first to do this? Hancock in November.

Although it's great that there's direct to television coming as a home cinema fan I am a bit confused. With all the video and audio processing that the excellent Playstation 3 carries I can't help but wonder why they are going direct to TV and with the Playstation network sitting there for months I can't think why they won't release it there.

From a Sony statement which is shown over at Gizmodo:

...this November, Sony Pictures Entertainment will offer
one of the most highly anticipated films of the summer, “Hancock”, exclusively to all internet connected BRAVIA LCD TVs in the U.S. before it is available on DVD. This film will be distributed to Sony customers directly to their televisions outside conventional distributors and without the need for any set-top box. This is an industry first.

They go on to say:

Sony will increase network and wireless connectivity across its family of devices and build a service platform to provide a seamless user experience across our key hardware devices and content. We are planning to expand services that will enable our customers to enjoy content such as motion pictures and television programming through the network on a variety of Sony products such as BRAVIATM LCD TVs, PS3, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) and Walkman® video music players.

But the real key comment is:

Ensure that 90% of our electronics product categories are network-enabled and wireless-capable by the fiscal year ending March 31, 2011 (“FY2010”).

Roll out video services across key Sony products by FY2010, starting with the summer 2008
launch on the PLAYSTATION®Network.

Those are the killer qutoes. If you read the entire release, which is rather long, you'll see that Sony are intent on connecting all their devices together and create one big network, something that sounds really exciting.

The idea of delivering a network release of Hancock to Sony televisions before DVD is incredible. Considering that the PS3 video network should be up and running by summer, I can't understand why they are just sending Hancock to televisions only, I would have thought the PS3 network would have been an ideal place for the releases, but perhaps we'll see other films pouring out onto PS3's around the world before DVD.

Would you prefer films direct to your television across the Internet or to your Playstation 3?

The question will be who will get the network first, Japan and U.S., and will that restrict content from other regions much like cinema releases and DVD regioning?



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