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Punisher: War Zone teaser

ThePunisher.jpgThe teaser trailer for Punisher: War Zone is out, and it doesn't look too bad. Ray Stevenson is playing Frank Castle, battling Jigsaw and dealing out justice to scumbags.

You can watch it inside, is it what you thought it would be? Does Ray Stevenson look the part?

Punisher: War Zone has Ray Stevenson playing the man himself, facing off against his enemy Jigsaw and his many followers. It's been a while in development but you can now see the teaser trailer. I'm not totally familiar with the comic book, but the trailer doesn't look half bad.

What about you Punisher fans out there, are you happy? Or a little worried? The trailer is below from IGN, through superherohype.



I love that line, "sometimes I'd like to get my hands on God". Looks good fun.

Believe it or not, but I actually liked the first (ie the second, after the crap Dolph Lundgren was in) The Punisher film! Thought it was quite entertaining. I mean, the comics (by Frank Miller) are perfection, and the film wasn't that, but good enough.

They've got half of the writers from "Iron Man", which isn't that great, I guess, since i didn't like "Iron Man" that much!

Maybe "The Punisher" will be the new "Blade" - good first film, amazing second film and er, awful third film.

That line made me laugh as well!

Yeah let's not count Dolph Lundgren's version. This one does look good fun though.

No Punisher wasn't written by Frank Miller,it was done by various writers such as Chuck Dixon and more recently Garth Ennis(HellBlazer,soon to be turned into a t.v. series Preacher,and rumoured to be in the works for the big screen The Boys).As a die hard comic nut I thought the first film was ok,I even find the Dolph Lundgren version enjoyable in a nostalgic kind of way but I'm really looking forward to Punisher:Warzone.It looks true to the comic and hopefully it will be as violent!Will we get to see Frank Castle throw someone from the top of the Empire State Building??

Oh, and Iron Man wasn't good-it was great!!So was Incredible Hulk!!AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!!

Well I don't know if Hulk as that great, it has a lot of promise for the coming franchise though.

I did like the first Punisher, sure it was a bit light, but it was a good starting point. This has the great platform on which to start so it'll be interesting to see where it goes with the story, and so far it's going dark and violent - just where it needs to go!


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