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Repo! update

RepoOpera.jpgIt's all been a bit quiet when it comes to Repo! The Genetic Opera, this footage was the last we heard. The musical horror based on organ repossession, is directed by Saw helmer Darren Lynn Bousman.

He has now updated his Myspace blog to tell us where the film is at, and what the plan is. Turns out it's not disappeared into oblivion, and things will be moving soon. This film sounds crazy.

Repo! The Genetic Opera has Paris Hilton, Sarah Brightman, Anthony Head and Paul Sorvino altogether. Now there's a group of people you wouldn't normally expect to see in a film. On his Myspace page, through Jo Blo, Darren Lynn Bousman has answered a few questions that have been flying around the internet. First of all when it comes to the premise of the film he sums it up pretty well:

It's a musical. A musical with Paris Hilton, and Sarah Brightman... People kill people... and then sing about it, and then dance around their dead bodies and sing some more.

Sounds great! He has also cleared up any confusion about a release date, and when we can expect to see a trailer:

There is a release date - and should be announced in the next couple of weeks. The trailer is AMAZING!!! Come to Comic Con and see it unleashed in all it's glory!

We will also start hearing some of the soundtrack next month. The soundtrack would appear to be one of the things holding it up, as they have to release an album as well as a film. Bousman though is just happy that soon we'll be able to make our own minds up about a film, which is difficult to imagine without seeing.

Some of you will LOVE Repo... Some will HATE it... I am just excited that soon you can make that decision for yourself

Musicals aren't usually my thing, unless it's West Side Story and then try and stop me. But I do like horror films and this film sounds different to most. Can't wait to see a trailer for it. Does this sound like something you'd watch?



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