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Rodriguez/McGowan for Red Sonja

RedSonya.jpgIt's been over two years since we first heard that a Red Sonja remake was a go. Now it looks like real life couple Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan, will be bringing Red Sonja back to life.

The two were originally working on a Barbarella remake too, but the writers strike appears to have put a spanner in the works.

It was the beginning of 2006 when Millenium Films bought the film rights to Red Sonja. It's been all quiet since then. But now USA Today through Coming Soon say that Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan are attached to the new Red Sonja.

The original had Arnold Schwarzenegger and Brigette Nielsen in the main roles. Is Rose McGowan the right fit for Red Sonja? But then Brigette Nielsen is certainly a one off. Can you see Rose McGowan as Red Sonja? Who else would suit?



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