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Rosemary's Baby remake embarassment

RosemarysBaby.jpgI thought the remake machine of Hollywood couldn't get any lower, I was wrong. The producers on the remake of Rosemary's Baby have revealed why they wanted to tackle the film, you will hardly believe this.

It's not because they think they could do better, it needs an update, it's such a classic that it's deserving of remake, oh no, wait till you hear this one.

It's because they wanted to do it before someone else did. What?

"If we don't do Rosemarys Baby someone else is...They're not going to pass on that. Being horror fans like we are, we want to take the opportunity to take shot at it rather than read about someone else doing it."

The quote comes from Brad Fuller of Platinum Dunes, horror remake central, courtesy of Shock Till You Drop and HorrorMovies.

Oh sweet lord. They just want to make it because someone else might first? What about striving for quality? What if someone else will make it better - and with Platinum Dunes track record you might be forgiven for thinking just that - why not just leave it alone, after all it is a complete classic.

I said that they were going to murder Rosemary's Baby, and I think I was right now. The original was a superb psychological thriller from the writer/director Roman Polanski and starring Mia Farrow and the stunning John Cassavetes.

To admit that you're making it because you're scared someone else will beat you to it is terrible, and I really do hope that it's been totally taken out of context. What do you think? A valid reason or over inflated egos and over reaching self belief?



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