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Stalked: Sopranos stars,Death Race cameo

Two stars of The Sopranos are reuniting for a film.

David Carradine has a cameo in the new Death Race film.

Lorraine Bracco and Jamie-Lynne Sigler will be working together again in the comedy Son of Mourning. It's an independent comedy about a guy who returns to his hometown, only to be mistaken as the person who will solve all our global warming issues. Happens to me all the time. Joseph Cross is the man in question, with Bracco playing his mother and Sigler his love interest. Heather Graham is in there somewhere as well. The news comes from Collider.

The new Death Race trailer looked rather awesome, although the inclusion of a Guns n Roses song helped. Now MTV Movies Blog says that the star of the original film David Carradine has a cameo in the new version. The director Paul W.S. Anderson explains why:

I wanted to tip my hat to the original, but also wouldn’t want it to become a cheesy cameo-fest. There’s obviously been, ‘Oh, where’s the David Carradine cameo?’ It’s there, and I think it’s a nice thing for fans. In fact, I had a conversation with David about the movie this morning.

I suppose we'll find out if it's a good thing when we see it. The trailer looks half decent, but since when did that mean anything.



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