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Spiegel to direct Hostel 3?

Hostel_Poster.jpgRecently we heard that Eli Roth wouldn't be directing Hostel 3, and now the rumour is that one of the producers of the first two will be directing. Scott Spiegel was an executive producer on the first two, and it looks like he'll be writing and directing the third.

I'm less and less excited about a third Hostel film. I'm beginning to agree with Eli Roth when he said they should leave it at two.

Eli Roth decided not to direct the third, after saying that he thought it was finished after Hostel (Filmstalker review) and Hostel II (Filmstalker review). Bloody Disgusting say the actor, writer, producer and director Scott Spiegel is in talks to take over. I'm not overly familiar with his work, other than the two Hostel films be produced, and the fact he wrote Evil Dead II. Considering Hostel III is expected to go straight to DVD, the studio isn't showing much faith in it.

Any one out there know more about him? Could he make a decent Hostel III?



I read that title quickly and seemed to think that it read Spielberg! Phew, that was much more realistic when I read Spiegel!

Heh, I wonder what Hostel III by Steven Spielberg would look like...

Lol I did the same thing you did Richard, for a split second there I read it as Spielberg as well and of course my first thought was that cant be right!

Well it can't be right or perhaps we're in for something amazing! Imagine that...


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