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Spielberg gets 39 clues

StevenSpielberg.jpgSteven Spielberg is a busy man these days, and he's not letting up. His Dreamworks Studio has bought the film rights to the multi platform adventure series The 39 Clues, and he'll probably be directing as well.

Spielberg has plenty of films in various stages of production, no rest for the wicked I guess.

The 39 Clues hasn't even been released yet in any platform, but is on it's way in September. Variety say Steven Spielberg already has it in mind, and it could end up being three or four films. The idea behind it sounds like this:

The 39 Clues..is envisioned as a 10-book series to be released over two years. It's described as a multimedia adventure that will include a set of collectible cards and an online game that will serve as a portal as young readers try to solve a mystery for a grand prize of $10,000. The contest will run for two years.

The 39 Clues revolves around:

the most powerful family in the world, the Cahills, who count Napoleon and Houdini among their relatives. Readers will be challenged to discover the source of the family's powers, revealed through 39 clubs that are hidden around the world and scattered throughout history.

The first book of the planned ten books is already complete and written by Rick Riordan. And the rest of the plot has been mapped out. Sounds like quite a project, ten books and then collectible cards and the online game to help solve clues. Wonder if kids will be into that these days, I suppose that's why they've included an online element to it. Sounds like a good premise for a kids film, something along the lines of The Goonies perhaps.



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