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Stalked: Diane Kruger, Jennifer Lynch

Diane Kruger has joined Run for Her Life.

Jennifer Lynch is making a Bollywood horror film.

Diane Kruger has joined Dermot Mulroney in Run for Her Life. The film revolves around a couple who's daughter is in need of a lung transplant. Realising how far down the list his daughter is, the father heads to Mexico to get on their list. There he uncovers the horrifying truth of where the organs come from. Kruger will play the wife, the news comes from Cinematical.

Jennifer Lynch is to direct Nagin, a Bollywood horror film. It refers to a myth that at a certain age snakes can take on human form. When a female snake sees her mate killed, she sets out for revenge. Variety through Arrow in the Head say Mallika Sherawat and Irfan Khan have already been cast, with filming starting next month. It's been remade a few times, so it should be interesting to see what Lynch does with it.



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