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Stalked: Internet porn film, Brian Clough

George Gallo will write and direct a film about internet porn.

The Brian Clough bio-pic has more cast members.

George Gallo will write and direct a film about the start of the internet porn industry. Gallo also wrote both Bad Boys films. The film is a comedy about a by the book businessman who ends up in what turns out to be a billion dollar industry. The news is from Variety.

The Brian Clough bio-pic The Damn Unnited has a few more cast members. One of the most memorable English managers, Clough won the European Cup twice wiht Nottingham Forest. The film will concentrate on his short stay as Leeds United manager. 44 days and a few unsettled players later he was sacked.

Michael Sheen is Clough with Stephen Graham playing Billy Bremner, one of the players who didn't take kindly to Clough's style. Martin Compston and Peter McDonald are also players and Liz Carling is Clough's wife. The film should be out next week, the news comes from Cinematical.



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