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Stalked: Kevin Spacey, Sam Raimi

Kevin Spacey will be a Shrink.

Sam Raimi will make The Given Day

Kevin Spacey will play a psychiatrist to the stars in a new film called Shrink. His patients will be played by real life stars, including potentially Robin Williams. His character has trouble dealing with a peronsal loss and turns to smoking pot, doesn't care how he looks and loses confidence in his ability to do his job. The news comes from Cinema Blend.

Sam Raimi is to direct a film of the soon to be released book, The Given Day by Dennis Lehane. The novel is set in Boston at the end of WWI and many soldiers are returning with influenza. It's also a time when attempts are being made to unionise the police force, and this leads to a historic strike. The news comes from Variety. Lehane also wrote the books which Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone and Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island are based on.



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