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Stalked: Matthew Fox, Bonham Carter

Matthew Fox could be Billy Smoke.

Helena Bonham Carter could join Terminator 4.

Matthew Fox is in talks to star in a film adaptation of Billy Smoke. The comic book isn't due for release until next year, but Warner Bros. have already bought the film rights. The comic book tells the story of a hitman who is nearly killed himself while on a job. Then in an attempt for redemption, he sets out to kill all assassins. The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

Helena Bonham Carter is in negotiations for a role in McG's Terminator 4. The role she's up for is being kept quiet, but it's supposed to be small but pivotal. Filming for T4 is underway in New Mexico, and they hope to have most of the exterior stuff finished before any actors strike. Christian Bale is playing the role of John Connor. The news comes from Yahoo! News.



Appreciate this post. Let me try it out.


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