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Stalked: Neil Jordan, The Weinsteins

Neil Jordan is going fantasy with Ondine.

The Weinstein Company are making Time of My Life.

Neil Jordan will make the supernatural fantasy film Ondine. Colin Farrell and Alicja Bachledaw will star in the film, which has Bachleda playing a mythical sea nymph who ends up being caught by a fisherman, played by Farrell. She then creates havoc in his home town, which is in Ireland. The news comes from Cinematical.

Well at least we won't have to hear any dodgy accents from Farrell. I'm still affected by the trailer for Cassandra's Dream. But I mostly know Jordan from more serious stuff like The Crying Game, Interview with the Vampire and The Brave One. Wonder what this one wil turn out like...

The Weinstein Company haven't hung around and have bought the rights to Time of My Life, a book written by Allison Winn Scotch. It's being published in October according to SciFiWire, and focuses on a woman who is given the opportunity to go back in time. The idea being to confront lingering doubts about having settled down. The producer says "This is a realistic fairy tale that speaks to women today." Whatever you say.



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