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Stalked: Red,James McAvoy

The comic book Red is to become a film.

James McAvoy has denied rumours he's to be in The Hobbit.

The DC comic book Red is to be made into a film. In a break from tradition Time Warner won't be making the adaptation, with Summit Entertainment taking over. DC will still be involved though, with someone from DC acting as Executive Producer. Warren Ellis wrote the comic books, with another of his creations called Ocean heading for a film version as well.

Red revolves around an ex CIA agent now living a normal life. He finds himself back in action though when he finds he is the target of an assassin. He then has to get his old team together to help with the hunt. The film will have the added dimension of him finding things have very much changed since he was last active. The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter through AICN.

James McAvoy was one of a list of people rumored to be a possible Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit films. He seemed a logical choice, but as Peter Jackson and Guillermo Del Toro have said we shouldn't expect casting confirmations for a year. Doesn't stop us speculating though does it? Well now at the London premiere of Wanted, McAvoy has shot down the rumours:

it's not true by the way, it's all internet rumoring and nothing else I'm afraid. Sorry.

He was quoted on Collider. I suppose technically he could still be offered it, but we can take his name off the list for now. Simone, it's still possible you'll get your favourite choice!



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