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Stalked: Sequels galore

Kung Fu Panda already has a sequel being developed.

The Host is also getting a second film.

Mark Wahlberg has been talking about the prequel/sequel to The Departed.

And Guillermo Del Toro says he'll do a third Hellboy film.

Hollywood does like a sequel as we know. And there are a raft of films with sequels planned, some before the first has even been released. Here are a few of the most recent ones, including a non Hollywood one:

The animated film Kung Fu Panda has been getting some good reviews from those who have seen it. And the powers that be won't be leaving it there. Cinema Blend say that Dreamworks are already developing a sequel Guess we'll have to wait until we see it to find out if that's a good thing or not.

The Host is a South Korean monster film, which was released in 2006. It was a big success in South Korea, and has since been released on DVD. Now there will be a sequel directed by Ning Hao, and released at the end of next year. Variety say the sequel:

will concern a calamity caused when people ignore a monster due to their desire for money.

A while back Mark Whalberg said there could be both a prequel and a sequel to The Departed. The film it was based on Infernal Affairs went down that route, and Whalberg has been talking to MTV Movies Blog about what's happening with the prequel/sequel to The Departed.

They’re [still] developing it. If it can be better than the first, then great. I’ll be all for it. I’m not interested in going for the paycheck. I love ‘Godfather 2’ but, then again, I don’t like ‘Godfather 3.’”

Would you be interested in a prequel/sequel to The Departed? At least he's onlt interested if it improves on the first.

Finally Guillermo Del Toro says he could be doing a third Hellboy film once he's done with The Hobbit films. He's already spoke about having an idea for the third, but he also seemed to say he would be quite happy with the ending to the second. On Comic Book Movie he says a third could happen around 2013, he'll be a tad busy until then bringing The Hobbit films to life.

So there we go, Kung Fu Panda, The Host, The Departed and Hellboy all with sequels looking highly likely. Would you be interested in any of these sequels?



The Host aka Gwoemul (Filmstalker review) was a superb film and the sequel has long been in talks. According to previous stories the film is set a few years after the original events when the creature has been killed and the city is well under reconstruction, that's when multiple creatures appear.

Sounds like a typical Hollywood move, "more and bigger".


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