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Stalked: Stallone,Davis

Sylvester Stallone is hitting Bollywood.

Geena Davis has a new project.

Sylvester Stallone is rumoured to be playing himself in a Bollywood film. The rumour from Moviehole is that Sajid Khan's Bollywood film has a character who is a Hollywood stuntman. Stallone will appear alongside the stuntman as himself. The director is to fly to Hollywood to film Stallone's scenes for the film called Kambakkht Ishq. Could this be the start of more Bollywood/Hollywood crossovers?

Last I saw Geena Davis she was playing the President of the United States in the great TV show, Commander in Chief. She's also been in a fair few kids film, and she will be in the coming of age drama Accidents Happen. Variety through Cinematical say it is about a 15 year old boy who finds himself unintentionally in trouble. At least it's described as a "dark indie comedy", might give her something to get her teeth into.



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