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Stalked: Tilda Swinton, Sarah Jessica Parker

Tilda Swinton has joined The Ghost.

And Sarah Jessica Parker could be joining The Ivy Chronicles.

Only the other day we heard that Pierce Brosnan and Nicolas Cage would be starring in The Ghost. It's a film version of Robert Harris' book, about an ex British PM who is writing his memoirs with a ghostwriter. The ghostwriter uncovers a huge secret that puts his life in danger. Now Tilda Swinton has joined the cast, she'll be playing the Prime Minister's wife. With her marriage on the rocks she falls for the writer. The news is from Coming Soon.

After the Sex and the City film, Sarah Jessica Parker may have a new role soon. She's in talks to star in The Ivy Chronicles, The Hollywood Reporter sums the plot up like this:

It's a story of class and the single woman in contemporary New York. It centers on Ivy Ames, an Upper East Side woman who, after losing her high-powered job and getting divorced, starts over again in a less ritzy downtown apartment. After pulling her children from private school, Ames starts a business to help upper-middle-class women get their children into elite kindergartens.

Would have been a bigger change had it not been set in New York, but it doesn't sound like too bad a choice for her.



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