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Stalked: Brittany Murphy, Ocean comic book

Brittany Murphy is in a film that sounds a lot like the The Shining.

The comic book mini series Ocean is being made into a film.

Brittany Murphy will star in Deadline, a "Shining style" film. The plot from The Hollywood Reporter through Cinema Blend sounds like this:

Murphy plays a scribe who travels to an abandoned house to write a screenplay. A bout of writer's block and other unforeseen events lead her to a psychological breakdown.

Well, that sounds more than a little like The Shining to me. I'd rather they didn't bother. If you are going to remake a great film, at least say so up front!

I haven't heard of the comic book series Ocean by Warren Ellis, but according to firstshowing.net it is being made into a film.

From what I can gather it's set on one of Jupiter's moons, Europa where weapons, transport system and cryogenic resting places are found. They apparently belong to a race of beings pre dating humans. A civil war looks like the most likely reason for them going into suspended animation, and before doing that they ensured human life would thrive on Earth. Problem being the race of people in suspended animation are woken up, and this puts the Earth at risk.

Not having read the comic books, that's obviously a potted history. It sounds great though, and could make a fantastic science fiction film. Anyone out there read it? Would you like to see a film version?



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