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Stalked:Robert Downey Jr,S.Darko

Robert Downey Jr is in talks for Cowboys and Aliens.

The Donnie Darko sequel S.Darko has another cast member.

Robert Downey Jr is a busy man indeed these days. Project number three he's in discussions for is Cowboys and Aliens. That's in addition to Hugh Hefner wanting Downey Jr to play him in a bio-pic of his life, and also the rumoured talks on him playing Sherlock Holmes.

Cowboys and Aliens is based on a graphic novel and, although I've never read it, it would appear to combine the western genre with a bit of science fiction. With two groups of people who are usually enemies, having to work together against the alien invaders. Sounds potentially interesting, the news comes from Rope of Silicon.

The sequel I like to pretend isn't happening has a new cast member. Bloody Disgusting say that Matthew Davis has joined the cast of Donnie Darko sequel S.Darko. That would be the one that follows his little sister on a road trip with her friend, where they are plagued by strange visions. Daviegh Chase, Ed Westwick, Briana Evigan, Justin Chatwin, Elizabeth Berkley and Briana Evigan are already involved in it. I'm still waiting for someone to tell me it's not happening...



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