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Tobey Maguire is open to more Spiderman films.

Valkyrie is re-shooting some scenes.

Jesse Bradford has joined W.

With a script having been written for both Spiderman 4 and 5, questions started being asked as to whether Tobey Maguire would be back for more. There were even rumours of two people who had been ear marked as the new Peter Parker, which were then denied by sony.

Now one of the stars of Spiderman J.K. Simmons, says he has spoken to Tobey Maguire about the possibility of more films. Quoted on Collider he said:

I spoke to Tobey, uh, in I guess it was, y’know, February… y’know, sort of awards season time and, uh, y’know, he’s certainly amenable to doing some more.

So, not a ringing endorsement but more than we've heard so far from Maguire.

A delayed release for Tom Cruise's Valkyrie, and now they are re-shooting three scenes. This could be fairly standard news, it happens a lot. The scenes are being shot in Africa within the next few weeks. The news comes from Variety through firstshowing.net, Variety also say that the few people who have seen the film have been very positive. It will need to be good now that it's being released in the February graveyard slot.

Yet another cast member for Oliver Stone's W. The Hollywood Reporter say Jesse Bradford has joined as a college friend of George W Bush. Was he the guy that did his coursework for him?



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