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Star Trek sequel sought

StarTrek_Poster.jpgIs it really a surprise that the studio and executives are considering another Star Trek film even before J.J. Abrams Star Trek has been completed? Let's face it, this is one of the biggest film franchises ever and there's no sign of it giving up.

The producers are already trying to secure the writers for the sequel, as if you never thought they would. The big question is who will take over from Abrams at the helm, and would he consider doing it again, even before we've seen a single scene?

I was going to say frame, but with that early teaser we may well have seen a few already.

Bob Orci, writer and producer for Star Trek, revealed that the studio want to "lock down" the team to write the sequel. His words come through TrekMovie and Cinema Blend.

Now that would suggest that they are pretty confident for this film, but then studios have been confident before and floundered, and locking someone down for a sequel does not necessarily mean it will happen.

Both sites point out that the main actors have three film options tied into their contract, but this is nothing new and on any film that whiffs vaguely of a franchise the studio often drops this in their contract - remember this does not mean that they have to do the film when it comes round, it just means that they have the first option on them for the film. I don't know the exact details, but it's not a done deal.

However I think this is all by the by, the sequel will happen as this film will be a box office success, critical or not.

Of course even despite all this uncertainty we know that there's going to be a sequel don't we? You know that the Star Trek franchise will always go on despite what happens, and if something happens the studio doesn't like, well they just fire everyone, close it down and start on the next one...or as we've seen before they just keep going regardless.



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