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Terminator 4 teaser described

TerminatorEndo.jpgTerminator 4 is currently filming with Christian Bale as John Connor. The teaser trailer for the film is due to premiere in front of Batman: The Dark Knight, on July 18th. And a member of a focus group who has seen the trailer has sent in a description.

Usually I'm flitting between excited and slightly nervous about T4. Today it's excited.

The focus group member sent AICN a description of the Terminator 4 teaser trailer. It could all change by the time it's shown but here's the details:

It opens with footage of people out in every day life. Christian Bale voiceovers something like:

"I always knew it would happen"...

Than a pause...

"They told me I could stop it."

The same people begin looking to the sky....

"That I could save us".

Looks of horror come across their faces as he says,

"They were wrong".

Music rises as we cut to black for a second. The Terminator theme starts, with the duh duh,
duh, duh, duh.

NEXT SUMMER appears on the screen...

We get a quick shot looking out over a sunny desert, and then a shot of Bale, in badass commando uniform
and very recognizably the same guy who plays Batman, being lowered into a huge bunker
of weapons.


rolls across, and we get mixed clips from inside one of the survivor bunkers as seen in Terminator 1 - but they look more concentration campish; very crowded, shots of Bale walking with a large crowd. And then the word...


The music quickly rises as we get shot of a huge truck racing down a high way, a shot or two of a helicopter flying mixed with more close ups of the actors when Bale whispers, "They're coming".

It all goes quiet.

Massive drums blare the beginning of the theme (again) but this time much louder, more pumped up, as we get a metallic silver T that morphs into a 4.

We then get the big money shot of the trailer. Its Bale on a motorcycle with some girl on the back.
They speed through a door of what looks like a warehouse toward us. As soon as they
pass the screen, a huge terminator on wheels, a lot like the one they battle in the
first one, smashes through the wall, chasing them. It looks awesome.

It then says:

Memorial Day 2009.

I like the references to things kind of looking like they did in Terminator. Apart from the child friendly rating it's near the top of my list of concerns. I can't wait to see it for real. What about you, reckon it "looks" good?



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