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Text messages that kill

MobilePhone.jpgMobile phones really can kill you, who'd have thought it. A new horror film called Text, has teenagers being offed after receiving messages on their phones.

I always knew phones were dangerous, is there anything teenagers can do in these films that won't result in certain death?

Text is directed by Brian McCulley, and focuses on three friends trying to figure out why all their chums seems to be dying. He told Fangoria, through Cinematical the idea behind the film:

It focuses on mind programming with the use of sounds. The killer sends text messages with images and sounds that trigger the recipient to do dangerous and risky stunts, and even to start killing their friends without remembering it....they start to have flashes of what they have done, and tension rises when they start to figure out that they are the ones doing the killing, and who may be responsible.

Filming has already completed, and they are sorting distribution now. Sounds like it might be a fun horror film, it's got the main ingredients. And what's more it's part of a trilogy. Let me guess, killer e-mails followed by the final tie-in film, killer Blackberrys. Rad.



Louise, a bit off topic, are you getting the 3G iPhone?

Would love to Simone, but my employer has a preference for another provider. Unfortunately that means receiving or making phonecalls on another network is a nightmare. Hmph.


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