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The Edge of Love trailer

TheEdgeofLove.jpgI've just been going through the press screening list for the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2008 and on the first day there's one screening and one screening alone, Edge of Love, the Dylan Thomas film starring Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller, Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys.

I have no idea why they do that and then cram all the screenings in together for the rest of the two weeks to the point that there's about five films always playing at the same time guaranteeing that you'll never see them all. However it's pretty certain we'll all see Edge of Love.

The film tells the story of Dylan Thomas and the complex relationships with his wife, lover and her husband. There's a much larger plot over on the IMDB listing for The Edge of Love but I never read it until now and wasn't really that switched onto the film.

That is until I saw this trailer, which is also available in HD.

More about this movie

What do you think? I hate that press poster grabbing quote "This year's Atonement but better" - what an insult to this film to say that it's just the same, and wasn't that just written to try and get a poster quote?

That aside the film looks rather powerful. Interested?



No, not really.

Well that's to the point!

Atonement didn't do anything for me when I saw it, and seeing the trailer it does remind you of that film again. I know this film should be about Dylan Thomas but how come it doesn't feel like that? I wont be rushing to see this one, I'll wait till after you have reviewed it Rich.

Yeah you've hit it on the head there Simone, it does look and feel like another period drama (or advert for smoking) and in particular a Keira Knightley flick. Mind you it was written by her mother wasn't it?

Can't say it's my bag either. Plus I don't get the part about it being an amazing performance from Keira Knightly. I'm not her biggest fan.

Give me blood and gore any day!

Did you say written by Keira Knightley's mother? Well that changes everything then!

I was going to give it a chance but this film is just going to be another vehicle to showcase Knightley's usual tired and predictable performance - lips pouting, oodles of eyeliner and mascara with a fag then that is British period film acting at its best for you. Oh heaven help us. I hope I'll be proven wrong because I would be interested to see a decent Dylan Thomas film.


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