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Lou Ferringo will voice The Hulk

Hulk.jpgMore Incredible Hulk news for you today. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has been answering questions on the soon to be released film. Not only does he talk about how this film will differ from Ang Lee's version, but there is also a surprise in store.

In The Incredible Hulk, the big green guy will talk. And Lou Ferrigno himself will be providing the voiceover.

Both Kevin Feige and one of the producers Gale Ann Hurd answered questions on The Incredible Hulk. And Feige didn't really hold back when talking about what would differentiate this version, from Ang Lee's version Hulk.

Ang Lee explored one percent of the Hulk mythos: Bruce Banner's childhood and the trauma that allowed this creature that burst forth. We wanted to explore the other 99 percent."

Feigue was speaking to Variety through Cinematical. One percent, seems a bit harsh. From what he says the new film will draw a lot on the Hulk TV series. And that extends to Lou Ferringo providing the voice for Hulk. After his tendency during the TV series to not talk, The Hulk will talk at least a little in the new film. Following on from an impromptu performance at Comic-Con, Ferringo will be the voice of Hulk.

Lou did this amazing, 'Hulk smash!' " says Hurd. "And (director Louis Leterrier) said, 'Come in, we'll record you next week.' Everybody thought it was either a staged event or we wouldn't really do it. But the next week Lou came in in L.A. and his voice is the voice of the Hulk."

So what do you think, are you pleased Hulk will be talking more in this one? Or do you prefer a more taciturn Incredible Hulk?



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