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The Last Call becomes a film

TheLastCall.jpgHollywood has managed to find another comic book that hasn't been made into a film yet. That will soon change though as The Last Call will be made into a feature film of it's very own.

This one is a bit more obscure, it is about two teenagers and a ghost train.

The Last Call was first published in 2007 and was both written and illustrated by Vasilis Lolos. I haven't read it myself but apparently it's about two joyriding teenagers who are hit by a ghost train. Onboard are a bunch of souls on their way to the other side, the two teenagers then have to find a way off the train and back home.

The Hollywood Reporter say that Universal will be making a film out of it. Anyone out there read it? Is is any good?



i have read the last call.
it is a very short comic, but very well and excellent done!!! i´ve seldom seen such great pictures and also a fantastic story. i hope there will be more books of the last call.
i came to it,´cause i´ve read a review in an magazine.

p.s.: sorry for my english, but i´m austrian.

Not at all, sorry for my Austrian, I'm Scottish! ;)

Sounds like you really enjoyed the story...perhaps I'll grab the comic for a look see.

Can you give us any more details on the story?


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