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The Sigma Protocol to become a film

TheSigmaProtocol.jpgUniversal is to make a film of The Sigma Protocol by Robert Ludlum. He's the same author who wrote the novels which inspired the Jason Bourne films. Universal have hired the same writers who worked on the Iron Man screenplay.

The Sigma Protocol was published after the author's death in 2001, with Universal aquiring the film rights before the release of The Bourne Identity.

The Sigma Protocol tells the story of a young banker, who discovers that a secret organisation is controlling world markets. By trying to expose the group he becomes a target for elimination. Variety say that Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, who also worked on the Iron Man screenplay are working on another draft of the script. A few drafts had already been attempted since Universal bought the rights.

Having not read the Bourne novels, it's hard to say how closely they stuck to them. From what I can tell, they differ quite a bit. This one could turn out to be quite a tense thriller, what do you think? Let's hope they leave the shaky cam behind for this one, and also let's hope it takes them a while. Their next project is supposed to be the Highlander remake, shudder.



I have read 2 of the Bourne novels, except the last one, and of course they didnt stick with the novels and that's why I didnt like The Bourne Identity on first viewing but eventually I made peace with the film adaptations and the shaky cams.

I have not read any more Ludlum apart from The Scarlatti Inheritance, The Parsifal Mosaic, and The Gemini Contenders (I think), as I read more Frederick Forsyth, whose style I prefer than Ludlum's, but most of Forsyth's novels already had the film treatment but wasn't as popular as the Bourne movies.


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