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Throttle to made into a film

StephenKing.jpgIt's not unusual for something that Stephen King writes to become a film. In this case though it's something that he's written with his son Joe Hill. A sixty page novella they have written called Throttle, has been optioned to be made into a feature film.

Otherwise known as Joseph King, he has written a fair amount of books and short stories. I haven't read any of them myself, but Throttle definitely has the signature of his father on it.

Throttle according to Bloody Disgusting, centres around a father and son who are members of a biker gang. They find themselves chased through the desert by an 18 ton truck. Sounds a lot like Duel to me. Not having read it though it's hard to say how alike it is. It doesn't sound like new ground though.

Given who has written it though, hopefully it will turn out to be pretty good stuff. I'm a big fan of Stephen King, and currently working my way through The Dark Tower series. Now there is something that could look great on film.



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