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Tim Burton directing Dark Shadows?

TimBurton.jpgWe first heard about Johnny Depp's plan to make a film of Dark Shadows last year. At that time no stars or director were attached, but now it could be that Tim Burton will be teaming up with Johnny Depp again, and directing the film.

It appears Johnny Depp was a huge fan of the TV series, and with Tim Burton on board this could be something special.

Dark Shadows was a TV show in the 60's, not your average 60's show though. It was dark and gothic, involving vampires, monsters, witches, werewolves, ghosts, zombies. Johnny Depp was a huge fan, which led to the film adaptation. News of Tim Burton's involvement comes through the grapevine so it's not yet confirmed. Peter Segal, director of Get Smart was talking about writer John August. IESB say that Segal mentioned August was flitting between one project and "Tim Burton's Dark Shadows".

It definitely makes sense with Depp,Burton and August all working on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Corpse Bride together. There isn't any confirmation on if Depp will be playing the character of Barnabus Collins. But with these three together on something as gothic as Dark Shadows, that's something I'd love to see. What about you?



Sounds interesting and something to keep an eye out for, in a gothic kind of way.


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