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Transformers 2 character rumours

Transformers2-Robot.jpgWe've already been warned by Michael Bay that there's going to be a lot of disinformation around Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, a title which clearly tells us that this is to be the Empire Strikes Back of Transformers and we're going to see a darker story as the Decepticons perhaps win this round. However despite that warning the rumours are already flying around the interflab as fact.

There's some interesting possibles about some of the characters involved in the film and what they might or might not be doing, and while some sound ridiculous some sound pretty damn good.

There are rumours galore over at /Film through Collider, and while the idea of a pink ice cream truck Transformer sounds utterly ridiculous - which in itself might suggest that Michael Bay is actually doing it - their other rumour scoop sounds fantastic, twin robots that merge into one vehicle.

We heard a while ago that they were considering the idea of a group of Transformers that merge together into one big robot, and that sounds just way too much for the film, so the idea of twin robots that form one vehicle is a really good step towards that without upping the ante to the utterly ridiculous. Mmm...did I just say that about a Transformers film?!

Seriously though. The Twin Transformers are apparently going to transform into this pink ice cream truck. Now I don't believe that half of it, I mean an ice cream truck Transformer? Yet that twin bit sounds fantastic. There is apparently a sequence that shows the robots speeding down a street in Shanghai and splitting apart to avoid a group of children then coming back together on the opposite side in vehicle form.

Other robots for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen are being talked about too, a pink ninja style motorcycle robot called Arcee, a go-cart called Wheels, Stinger which is being guessed at as a Porsche, and an Audi RS8 Decepticon. I always knew Audi drivers were bad, I won't be shocked to see a BMW, Volvo and a Mercedes in there too, all evil mid-level managers fleet cars designed to cut you up and knock over cyclists!

Joking aside, the Audi R8 sounds right, the product placement aspect would seem spot on, a motorbike hasn't been hit yet and could look really good, and the twin robot idea sounds great, I'm still not buying the ice cream truck though.

If you could have any vehicle or item in the film turning into a robot, what would you have? I'd want a Honda S2000 obviously, or I reckon a submarine might be quite a cool one, or how about the Space Shuttle?



sweet news! this is the first i've heard of this, and now i have a title.


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