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Transformers to be released on Blu-ray

MichaelBay.jpgMichael Bay is probably feeling a bit smug today, as the long running feud over Transformers High Definition DVD release is finally over. And yes he was right all long, not that I ever disagreed with him on this one.

Following Paramount's original decision to relase the film on the ill fated HD-DVD format, it's now to be released on Bay's preferred Blu-ray format.

Michael Bay, originally lost the plot when Paramount decided to side with HD-DVD and only release their titles on that format. With a Blu-ray DVD master on the way for Transformers, Bay was less than impressed, and seemed to suggest it would mean no Transformers sequel.

I want people to see my movies in the best formats possible. For them to deny people who have Blu-ray sucks! They were progressive by having two formats. No Transformers 2 for me!

He then climed down a little by endorsing a viewing of 300 in HD-DVD and said that "it rocks". A little while later he then pointed out the fairly obvious, that Blu-ray was better and that it was obvious it was going to out sell HD-DVD.

Blu-ray's better, and I told everyone... was very vocal about it. I knew HD [DVD] was not going to make it. Am I thrilled? It really wasn't my fight, but remember what I said in the press? I was kind of saying HD [DVD]'s going to lose...No one believed me.

He's a regular Nostradamus isn't he. Not so much, that he seemed to put much of a fight up to get Transformers out on Blu-ray at the time though. Well now he has his way, not surprising considering the death of HD-DVD. If Paramount want to make any money from High Definition DVD sales then they don't have much choice though.

Bay for his part is excited that Transformers will be released on Blu-ray in September. Oh and he's also taken the opportunity through Reuters to remind us how he was right. Awesome.

I've been waiting for Transformers to be released on Blu-ray for a long time, and it was worth the wait...[It's] the complete high-definition package for fans. It looks stunning and really allows you to engage with this movie in new ways. Remember, I told everyone Blu-ray was best.

I love it when people take credit for stuff that was going to happen anyway. Give us a break. But hey, at least we are going to get Transformers on Blu-ray after all. Should make a good watch.



Not having read the whole post, just looking at the title from The Hub, I thought Bay would be smug, and I was totally right when you used the term too!


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