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Transporter 3 trailer online

JasonStatham.jpgThe teaser trailer for Transporter 3 has arrived online, and it's looking as hard as nails. The action ranges from the epic to the utterly cool - huge truck stunts mixed with hand to hand combat and even a few BMX tricks. This film looks like it has everything.

The third Transporter film sees Jason Statham return once again as Frank Martin, the man who will transport almost anything to anywhere as long as it's by his rules. Usually that's where things go wrong.

Although I love the character and the idea, the second film in the series was a bit of a let down with some of the stunts and storyline just being way too over the top. I'm hoping that this third outing doesn't push things too far, and the trailer gives me a mixed message.

See what you think of the trailer from Allocine through Twitch.

Plus d'infos sur ce filmdiv>

Did you like any of the Transporter films? Does this look any different to the last? Is it going to be all too crazy, or a good action film regardless?



I love both the Transporter movies. This one looks great.

I've only seen the first one, but it was good fun. The fighting scenes look similar, and what ever he was doing with that bike looked ridiculous.

Looks like a fun action film though.

I loved the first one, then they did some ridiculous stunts in the second one that almost made me walk out the cinema.

Please please make the 3rd one like the first?


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